Oct 23, 2011


No more pics please mom!!
Throwing the ball in
Go Molls!!
Mia Hamm who??

Molly wanted to play soccer this fall. She really looks forward to practice and games and really loves to chase the ball. She scored her first goal this week, however didn't know she did until I congratulated her after the game. The goalie on the other team was twisting hair or counting butterflies...something I remember Molly doing a couple of years ago! It was a great day for her. She continues to excel in school with all A's on her latest report card. We love you Molls!!

Second grade at her primary school is a big year. The school grades go up to 2nd, so they are the big ones on campus! The second grade always performs at Tribefest, a carnival of sorts to support the area primary, middle and high schools. She was chosen out of the many who came to sing to hold the flag for the National Anthem and Pledge. She was so excited. She also "auditioned" to sing at this month's PTO meeting and was one of about 30 to perform. The auditions were for about 140 kids. The music teacher at her school is so wonderful and makes all the kids feel so special.

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